Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Terrorism in Israel

Haaretz reports on the London conference in support of the Palestinian Authority:

". . . senior British sources said yesterday they do not accept Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's position that Palestinians must fulfill a series of obligations before implementation of the road map can begin.

The sources said that Britain wants Israel to freeze settlement construction and dismantle illegal outposts - both measures stipulated in the road map's first phase. It also does not accept any particular order for first-phase actions, such as the Palestinians' having to carry out their commitments before Israel complies to its obligations."

Israel was invited to attend this conference, but understandably couldn't find anyone in the entire country who could find the time. Meanwhile, the conveniently timed Tel Aviv bombing drew international attention away from the conference, as Israel and the U. S. continued to try to lay the blame wholly on Syria. From CNN (and follow the embedded link for more):

"On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said there will be 'no diplomatic progress' in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process unless the Palestinian Authority takes 'vigorous action' against local terrorists. (Full story)

He said then that Friday's attack was believed to have been ordered by terrorists based in Syria, but that the Palestinian Authority was still obligated to take action.

'The immediate test for the Palestinian Authority will be in vigorous action against Islamic Jihad members,' he said."

In other words, the Syrians did it - so he, or his American stooges, can presumably retaliate against the Syrians - but the Israelis don't have to comply with the terms of the 'road map' until the Palestinians do something to stop it. Talk about having your falafel and eating it too. Remember, this was an attack which occurred in Tel Aviv! So no road map compliance for Israel until the Palestinians start guarding Tel Aviv discos against attacks by Syrian bombers. The attack occurred on Friday night, in the middle of the Jewish Sabbath, a time when 'real' Jews are presumably not going to discos. Three of the five people killed were members of an Israeli army unit serving in the West Bank, described as "the best of the best, Israel's elite", apparently some kind of covert assassination unit. Odd. Many of the most prominent bombings are very odd targets, and in areas which would not be likely to affect Israeli Jews. You really have to wonder why so many of the bombings are on bus routes frequented by Arabs and poor immigrant workers. In the McChina bombing the victims were mostly illegal immigrant workers, and "Most of the victims are believed to be foreign workers, not Israelis." An extremely strange target (as was the Taba Hilton). Another target, Mike's Place in Tel Aviv, is a bar frequented almost entirely by Americans, and the attack, by two British citizens (!) who conveniently associated with international peace activists, was thus used by the Israeli propagandists to attack the international peace movement. The Dolphinarium disco bombing victims were mostly Russian immigrants. I've got questions:

  1. Why is there often no credible claiming of responsibility for terrorist attacks? The whole point of real terrorism is to achieve political goals by claiming responsibility for violence, and terrorism without the claiming of responsibility is senseless. Why would you waste precious resources and then keep quiet?

  2. In a country hyper-sensitive to the dangers of terrorism, how do these terrorists of obvious Arab ethnicity carry massive loads of explosives attached to their bodies without being noticed?

  3. Why do they fill the explosives with nails - an obvious cheap anti-personnel weapon - when the payloads are so huge they completely demolish automobiles across the street, and take all the sides and tops off buses? You don't need the extra weight of nails with that kind of payload.

  4. Why do the worst attacks always occur when Sharon needs some cover for some atrocity he has committed or is about to commit?

It would be ridiculously simple to pay a Palestinian to walk across the street near an area frequented by non-Jews, and set off a remote-control car-bomb. The results produce a dead Palestinian 'suicide bomber', and more fuel for the Zionists to continue their state terrorism against the Palestinian people in their drive towards Greater Israel.