Tuesday, April 26, 2005

AIPAC chutzpah

At AIPAC's policy forum in May there will be a 'walking tour' exhibit on how close Iran is to creating a nuclear bomb. AIPAC is currently under investigation for spying against the United States, an investigation which turns on the alleged illegal supply of classified American information concerning Iran by AIPAC to Israel. The definition in my dictionary of 'chutzpah' is, simultaneous with the spying investigation, staging an exhibition for Americans providing information on Iran. Do you think they'll thank Larry Franklin for his extraordinary assistance in providing materials used in creating the exhibit? And speaking of spying, do you buy the supposed tiff between ex-employees Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, and AIPAC? Rosen and Weissman vehemently deny any wrongdoing, and are met with the pointed response of AIPAC spokesman Patrick Dorton:

The statement made by Rosen and Weissman represents solely their view of the facts. The action that AIPAC has taken was done in consultation with counsel after careful consideration of recently learned information and the conduct AIPAC expects of its employees."

What a smack-down, but obviously part of the script. By staging such a conflict, Rosen and Weissman play their roles as 'rogue' employees unwilling to take responsibility for their actions even after they have been exposed, and thus paint AIPAC as a victim in the case. Rosen and Weissman had to be cut free from AIPAC so AIPAC could save itself, but will no doubt be amply rewarded in ten years or so as heroes of Greater Israel with their statues erected in the new capitol of that country, Jerusalem.