Wednesday, April 20, 2005

AIPAC, lobbying pioneers

The Zionists in Israel and the United States have given the American people so much. Terrorism on American soil and against Americans and American interests all over the world. Vastly higher oil prices. The enmity of everyone in the Middle East, and with the ridiculous one-sided American support for Israeli state terrorism against the Palestinian people, the enmity of the whole world, with an accompanying world-wide rejection of goods associated with the American brand. All this and more Holocaust museums per square foot than anywhere else in the universe. Plus they've lifted a trillion dollars or so out of the pockets of American taxpayers (it was just burning a hole there anyway). But that's not all. From an article on the fact that AIPAC seems to be distancing itself from Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, the two high-level AIPAC dudes who are on the hot-seat for allegedly spying for Israel (my emphasis in bold):

"Weissman has worked at AIPAC for 12 years, but Rosen, 62, has been with the organization since 1982, when he was hired from the Rand Corporation, a think tank that often consults with the Pentagon.

He was hired after AIPAC's lobbying efforts failed to stop the U.S. from selling spy planes to Saudi Arabia; the opposition to the sale that AIPAC amassed on Capitol Hill dissipated once President Reagan launched his own lobbying effort in its favor.

The lesson, Rosen suggested time and again, was that the organization had to lobby the executive branch as well. That made some traditionalists nervous. Lobbying Congress was a time-honored practice in Washington, but lobbying other branches of government seemed unseemly.

Yet Rosen's model soon was replicated throughout Washington, and now it's routine for lobbyists of all stripes to target both the legislative and executive branches."

How can Americans ever thank them enough? The article goes on to tell us that AIPAC's policy forum in May will feature a 'walking tour' exhibit on how close Iran is to creating the bomb. Will the giving never stop?