Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Calipari's warning

The Pentagon is going to come out with a predictable whitewash of the checkpoint incident in which Nicola Calipari was killed. Giuliana Sgrena has consistently stuck to her story that American authorities lied about the incident. Although there was supposed to be a joint investigation with Italian authorities, who were to have been given full cooperation from the Americans, apparently full cooperation doesn't go as far as allowing the Italians to actually see the car. Wouldn't want to give them an unfair advantage. Fortunately, Eli Stephens has done the math - I love it when people do the math - and has concluded, based on the American details of what happened at the checkpoint, that the amount of notice given by the Americans before they started shooting was so short that no one could have possibly slowed down in time to comply with the warning. In other words, the warning, if indeed there was a warning, was a sham solely intended to be part of the American excuse after the assassination of Sgrena.