Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dead Pope II

Barry Healy on the Dead Pope's opposition to Liberation Theology:

"By assiduously aligning himself with the most reactionary elements of late 21st century power politics, John Paul II left a profound crisis in Catholicism in his wake. Latin America was once overwhelmingly Catholic but the US rulers have used their Protestant fundamentalist sects as weapons against liberationist Catholics there. Now 10% of Brazilians are believed to be talking in tongues!

In the developed capitalist countries, Catholicism continues to bleed membership as believers tire of the ridiculous strictures on their sexuality and democratic rights within the church. As AIDS threatens millions in the crucified impoverished world and wars and indebtedness worsen, the Catholic Church's lame responses are simply making it irrelevant."

The effect of II's horror at Liberation Theology - and for that matter for any kind of freedom outside of Poland - has been to drive the people of Latin America out of the Catholic Church and into the arms of American evangelical fruitcake religions, which are spreading like a plague over Latin America. Historians will look back on II as one of the most destructive Popes in history in the damage he inflicted on his own church in his crazed love of totalitarianism, both political and ecclesiastic. Much has been made of a few quotes from him on the problems with capitalism and the need for world peace. Of course, it was all bullshit. His sole purpose in life was to turn back the progressives who had started to take over Catholicism in the 1970's, and he took not one practical step during his whole papacy to ameliorate the excesses of capitalism or reduce the war in the world. In fact, in his excessive toadying to the world's most reactionary leaders, he encouraged both the wars and the destructive capitalism which they promote. When the Church canonizes him - and watch them do it so fast it will make your head spin - they should make him the patron saint of globalists, arms dealers, torturers, evangelicals, and back-room abortionists. You can tell how popular he is with the totalitarians of the world in the extraordinary wall-to-wall coverage of his death, with perhaps the largest disconnect in world history between the views of the average person in the world, who either doesn't care or didn't like him, and the fawning coverage from the media, with not one dissenting word questioning his saintliness.