Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Israeli attack on Iran

Kaveh L Afrasiabi lists a whole bunch of good reasons why an Israeli attack on Iran is highly unlikely. I still think all this talk about Iran is a ruse to disguise what Israel and its American stooges are really up to. Israel has no real interest in attacking Iran, especially if long-term plans are to build some kind of ongoing semi-friendly relationship with non-Arab Iran (which will be Israel's next-door neighbor once Greater Israel is in place). The American stooges won't do anything without Sharon's instructions, so Iran may be the safest place on earth right now. Just think what any kind of attack would do to American gas prices! This factor alone is decisive as gasoline prices were the real reason why Bush, a war President during a war, lost the last election (had the votes been properly counted), and gas prices are really hurting his current popularity, and thus his ability to continue to do his real job, which is to conduct class warfare against the vast majority of the American people. Iran may be one of the only places on earth - along with some parts of Antarctica - which aren't under direct threat from the wingnuts in Washington. All of the threatening talk disguises the real Israeli goals, which are to destabilize both Lebanon and Syria.