Monday, May 16, 2005

Dastardly de-occupation delay

It's possible that the recently announced (and seemingly innocuous) three-week delay (or here) in the start of the Israeli de-occupation of Gaza is intended to buy just enough time that the Zionist (American or Israeli) attack on somebody (Iran, Syria, or Saudi Arabia; I'm still not sold on Iran, although it may be that Iran stepped into first place on the Zionist hit list when Syria disappointingly failed to fall into the trap set for it by withdrawing troops from Lebanon) planned for the summer of 2005 will have a chance to start before the Israeli pull-out begins (that would put the start of the attack in July rather than June). The attack would cause enough unrest in the Occupied Territories that the pull-out would have to be postponed 'indefinitely', allowing Sharon his usual trick of taking credit with the Americans for his 'bravery' in moving towards peace, while not giving up an inch and inexorably continuing to close the vice on the Palestinians.