Monday, May 09, 2005

Gorilla resurrection

According to someone named 'Brian' posting on the site Gorilla in the Room:

"It appears that the original 'Gorilla' has deleted his blog. This is a tremendous loss. He was obviously very smart and well connected. He certainly predicted that Franklin would face charges long before such an outcome was certain.

I created this blog to prevent anyone else from using the name. My immediate goal is a) to reconstruct the old blog using cached google files, and b) continue to provide links that are on topic.

Unfortunately, I will not have anything close to the insight of the real Gorilla. If he can contact me I will happily give the blog back to him.

Why did he delete the blog? My guess is that his identity was discovered and the blog created problems for him at work."

Odd. The technical mechanics of this raises some questions. Generally speaking, if you leave your Blogspot blog untouched it will just sit there (forever?). A commentator named 'anonymous' wrote:

"Let me get this straight. The original Gorilla dropped the site and someone else just took over without any formal arrangement with the originator of the blog? Interesting. Ideally, the originator of the blog would return, but if you keep up the site with relevant links then good for you."

You can read into that what you will, but 'Brian' seems to be making an honest effort to reconstruct the site. 'Brian' appears to have another site, Bull's Eye on Immigration, which is anti-immigration. Gorilla in the Room was a necessary site on the malign influence of Zionism and Israel on American politics, and it is more important than ever that it, or something like it, continue. What we don't need is a conspiracy about a conspiracy-theory blog.