Saturday, May 28, 2005

Joannides and Posada

I've recently mentioned the CIA's attempt to block the release of files concerning its employee George Joannides, and the attempt by infamous terrorist Luis Posada to settle in the United States. Since Posada was almost certainly one of the boys in the anti-Castro-Cuban cadre connected to (managed by?) Joannides, and the ties between that cadre and the assassination of JFK are becoming more apparent, what seems like ancient history may be very topical indeed (consider "Operation 40" and Posada; notice the neat picture of the 'boys' seated around a table, which some people think contains a picture of Porter Goss, although the picture itself has almost certainly been rather crudely tampered with). You can also see why the United States doesn't want to turn Posada over to the Venezuelans, especially given the close ties between Venezuela and Cuba. Even at this late date, the CIA is still having to scramble to keep the cat in the bag.