Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Larry Franklin and Mr. X

From an article on Steve Rosen, former policy director of AIPAC, who believes he is going to be indicted:

"Rosen has told contacts that he is convinced the government is still looking for 'Mr. X' or 'Agent X' — an alleged Israeli master spy in the United States. Jewish communal officials have said they believe the FBI has been seeking a 'Mr. X' since the Jonathan Pollard spy scandal in the 1980s."

Sounds like a John le Carré novel. 'Mr. X' is probably 'Mega', who was supposed to be a Clinton Administration official, but of course couldn't be if they were looking for him prior to the Clinton Administration. If they are still looking, he (or she) must be an official or other figure close to power who has been around through all the American political shifts from the time of Pollard up to today. It might even be a prominent public commentator who dabbles in intelligence and politics. The importance of the search for the spymaster might explain why AIPAC appears to have lost some of its teflon coating. You have to wonder if Pollard remains in jail because the Americans are still upset that Mega or Mr. X is still in full operation.