Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pakistani coincidences

Bernard-henri Levy notes the odd coincidence that Pakistan picks up what it claims to be major al Qaeda operatives just when it needs some PR help in Washington:

"It is as if the Pakistani powers that be have had, ever since Al-Qaida's retreat from Afghanistan and their withdrawal into Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi, a precise idea of where the chiefs of Al-Qaida could be found. It is as if Pakistan's formidable intelligence service, the ISI, had not only localized but kept these public enemies of the United States - and theoretically of Pakistan - under observation, handy for periodic culling.

It is as if these people were bargaining chips, with the Pakistanis drawing from their reserves of terrorists and cashing them in one by one, depending on the needs of their relationship with the great American 'friend.'"

It would be even worse if the people Pakistan arrests aren't even the real terrorists. Pakistan could get political points in Washington while simultaneously giving the real terrorists the perfect chance to permanently escape by assuming new identities. After all, who is going to look for somebody who has already been arrested? The fact that the Americans must be aware of these tricks and have decided to play along is just another reason for seeing the American 'war on terror' for the lie that it really is.