Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Shoot-down orders

More intrigue from Cessnagate: did Rumsfeld give military officials the authority to shoot down the Cessna, or not? What is it with very high American officials and shoot-down orders anyway? We got the same gobblygook regarding whether Cheney gave orders on September 11. Wouldn't there be some kind of standing order for a plane to be shot down on the decision of the military officers involved in the matter if the plane was within a certain radius of key targets?

As punishment for scaring the hell out of everybody - except for the President, who was kept blissfully unaware - and shutting down the U. S. government for a day, the FAA revoked pilot Hayden 'Jim' Sheaffer's license for a whole year. A whole year!


isobel lowther said...

Bush was being deprogrammed not debriefed
but deprogrammed the guys a walking pharmacy
and MKUltraed beyond the ken -- the picture of him on his bike was a sheer "at the Hamptons moment" --o really !!!
Who the hell are these people, ?