Monday, May 09, 2005

they had flowers in their minds

Douglas Feith is interviewed by Jeffrey Goldberg. Although Feith is obviously batshit crazy ("they had flowers in their minds"), he does seem to have a good handle on that part of reality which relates to what the world thinks of him. He says that the thesis of Administration critics:

". . . is that we were a bunch of people intent on going to war with Iraq no matter what. September 11th was a pretext. We believed that it would be easy, that we were linked up to Chalabi who was arguing that it would be easy and there would not be problems in the aftermath, and so for that reason nobody planned for anything hard, and when it turned out to be hard we were left without a plan."

That sounds about right. On the issue of Greater Israel, Goldberg writes:

"Feith's library includes a large selection of books on Zionism, but he did not linger there. 'I'm not looking to aggravate a distortion about me,' Feith said. The distortion, he said, is that his religion, or at least his longtime support for right-wing Israeli leaders, has affected his policy recommendations to Rumsfeld. Feith dismisses this criticism as a willful misunderstanding of his motives. 'My interest in democratization predates the focus on the Middle East,' he says. Rumsfeld, for his part, derides the idea that the Administration was manipulated by its sub-Cabinet-level Jewish officials. 'I suppose the implication of that is that the President and the Vice-President and myself and Colin Powell just fell off a turnip truck to take these jobs,' he said."

Notice how Rumsfeld doesn't answer the question (has Rumsfeld ever answered a question?). Feith is indisputably an extreme right-wing ultra-Zionist, and has left a considerable body of evidence to prove it. Feith will always be remembered for the lies produced by his Office of Special Plans, and for those Israeli generals who obviously knew the way to his office and who, unlike everyone else, did not have to sign in.


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