Friday, June 10, 2005

Colodny and Erlichman and Felt

Len Colodny, co-author of the best book on Watergate - an even more amazing book when you consider that it put an entirely and radically new spin on the whole matter, one that had been written about more than any other event in American politics, almost twenty years after the misleading Official Pentagon-protecting Story had been crafted by Woodstein and held the field without challenge - describes an 1990 interview he had with John Erlichman. Erlichman revealed that a contact of his in the Justice Department had told him that Felt had to testify before a Grand Jury in 1975, and struggled with the direct question of whether he was Deep Throat before the U. S. Attorney let him off the hook by saying he didn't have to answer the question. Felt then rushed to make a phone call, and Erlichman's contact heard directly from Woodward that this call was made to Woodward. Erlichman, who had believed that Felt couldn't be Throat because of the issues involving what Felt could have known, was thus convinced that Felt had to have been one of Woodward's sources. As most of this story comes from someone other than Woodward, it carries a great deal of credibility. Thus we can be fairly sure that Felt was part of the composite figure that we know as 'Deep Throat'.