Monday, June 20, 2005

Fake memo?

The same group of scheming Republican operatives who were behind the attack on the credibility of CBS in the so-called 'Rathergate' matter are back in business on the Downing Street Memo, claiming that it and the other similar documents must be fake. They come to this conclusion despite the fact that the entire British government has accepted that the documents are genuine, and despite the fact they have never seen the originals! This would be laughable except that the disgusting American media, needing an excuse now that it has been caught red-handed in the cover-up of the British documents, will be grasping at any straw to try to regain some of its lost credibility, and will no doubt play up the fake angle as much as possible.

I note that these are the same group who attempted to interfere in Canadian politics in order to put Conservatives in power in Canada. Did that ever turn into a disaster! Not only did they fail in their immediate goal to cause an election, the nasty attack-dog politics employed by the Conservative leader, obviously on American advice, didn't play well in Canada, resulting in:

  • an agreement between the governing Liberals and the socialist NDP, resulting in the most progressive budget in federal Canadian politics in thirty years (oh oh!);

  • a popular move to the left by the Liberals;

  • huge tensions within the Conservative Party itself, with moderates questioning whether they want to be in a nasty radical right-wing party;

  • the loss of one of the most prominent Conservatives to the Liberals;

  • a scandal when they attempted to use doctored audio tapes to prove a lack of integrity in the Liberals, a trick which of course resulted in voters questioning the integrity of the Conservatives and their claim to be an honest alternative;

  • a massive decrease in popularity in the polls for the Conservatives at the expense of the Liberals and NDP.

The 'wingers know how to play the United States like a violin, but they haven't yet got the hang of Canada.