Friday, June 24, 2005

Israeli worries about AIPAC

This bizarre article in Haaretz demonstrates that Israel is much more concerned about the AIPAC espionage investigation than it would like to let on. It mentions that the investigation has widened, and the FBI is now focusing on another Pentagon official and his connections (please let it be Feith!). It accuses the FBI of anti-Semitism (yawn). It accuses the FBI of bugging the Israeli embassy based on the fact that it has information on Rosen's call to the embassy, which ignores the fact that the FBI got that information by bugging Rosen, not the Israeli embassy. It points out that the FBI must have been keeping track of senior AIPAC employees "for several years, even before Franklin was suspected of contacts with them" (true, but not something I'd think the writer would want to mention). It states: "The FBI has made an effort to talk with wealthy Jews as well, apparently in order to deter them from supporting Rosen financially." That makes no sense, but if the FBI is talking to wealthy Jews, it would be interesting to know what they are really talking about. Finally, in the last sentence, the article makes a clear threat to the FBI. I hope it makes the FBI mad.