Thursday, June 30, 2005

More on Jeffrey Goldberg

Commentator Hal C. points out that:

"Jeffrey Goldberg is the guy who almost single-handedly created the Halabja poison gas story into its present form. His was the story that Bush made famous. (Halabja appears to have been caught in the crossfire of two armies using gas in the Iran/Iraq war and was unintentional collateral damage in an obscene war)."

The Goldberg story is called "The Great Terror". Hal C. refers to Jude Wanniski's "Memo on the Margin" on the subject. Wanniski has been writing about this issue for a long time, and has suffered withering attacks for it, but appears to have been vindicated. We'll never know what happened at Halabja, which means we'll never know who was responsible for the death of the Kurds. What is clear is that this episode is part of a Kurdish, and almost certainly Zionist, propaganda war against Saddam. Jeffrey Goldberg is the main sprayer of the gas on the Halabja poison gas story, one of the first to make an explicit Saddam-al Qaeda connection, a guy that Douglas Feith feels comfortable speaking to, and the author of an amazing whitewash on the AIPAC/Israel spy scandal. He's starting to look like another version of Judith Miller. Keep your eye out for him.