Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mosear Caned

Researchers are still digging up interesting material on September 11. Allan Wood has discovered (which I found from here, but with only part of the original) a transcript of a CNN broadcast from the morning of September 14, 2001. CNN Anchor Leon Harris broke away from a press conference of Rudy Giuliani - so you know it must have been important! - to talk to Kelli Arena, CNN Correspondent, who read the names of the hijackers from a list that was supposed to be officially released by the Justice Department sometime later that day (it obviously wasn't released). Although she had trouble with the names, you can do a phonetic match of all the names she read with each of the identified hijackers, except for one big anomaly. Hani Hanjour isn't on the list, but someone pronounced as "Mosear Caned" is. A few comments:

  1. Hanjour has always been the most problematic of the hijackers. Although he was officially a pilot, he is well documented as being a lousy pilot, and it is impossible to conceive that he could have flown Flight 77 as we are told it flew into the Pentagon. Since he was easily the worst of the four hijackers who are identified as pilots, it is very odd that this meticulously planned operation would assign him to what appeared to be the most difficult of the flying jobs. The original list of hijackers had only 18 men on it, with Hanjour's name missing. I have always thought that the FBI added him when they realized they had no hijacker on Flight 77 who could possibly have flown the plane. Since I don't believe Flight 77 actually flew into the Pentagon, this isn't a problem for me, but I can see somebody in the FBI worrying that someone might ask how Flight 77 was flown so well without a trained pilot amongst the hijackers.

  2. Kelli Arena said she had a list with 18 hijackers on it, and then proceeded to read out 19 names. This indicates to me that this was an intermediate list, between the original list with 18 names, and the final official list with the now infamous 19. It is likely that "Mosear Caned" was their first attempt to add a nineteenth hijacker to the list, but they hadn't yet changed the title of the list to reflect the addition.

  3. The list read by Kelli Arena is evidence that one of the main ways the FBI used to create the list was to simply make a list of all the Arab-sounding names on the passenger manifests. When they needed another guy, they found another Arab-sounding name, probably somebody who could be described as a pilot.

  4. The addition of "Mosear Caned" must have been a mistake, for we have heard no more of him. What is most interesting is that he doesn't even appear on lists of the non-hijacker passengers on Flight 77. He must have been on a manifest, for otherwise how did the FBI get his mane and how did he board the plane? If they took his name off the published list of non-hijacker passengers, why did they do so? Was his a name that wasn't supposed to be known to the public? Did they simply not want an 'innocent' Arab victim to appear on the list? The disappearance of "Mosear Caned" off the face of the earth is as interesting as his mysterious appearance.

  5. It is unbelievable that the original passenger manifests have still not been released.

Two of the biggest anomalies of September 11 are the story of Hani Hanjour and how he managed to fly Flight 77 into the Pentagon, and how the FBI so quickly came up with a list purporting to be all 19 hijackers. Robert S. Mueller III, the FBI Director at the time, said:

"The hijackers also left no paper trail. In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper – in the U.S. or in Afghanistan – that mentioned any aspect of the September 11th plot."

Nothing linked any of the names to terrorism except for the fact they were Arab-sounding names on the manifest. The addition of "Mosear Caned"/Hani Hanjour shows us how crudely this was done. They needed a pilot on Flight 77, so they just picked another Arab-sounding name off the list, and then likely substituted the name of semi-plausible pilot Hani Hanjour when someone pointed out that "Mosear Caned" was a dangerous name to have on the list. The FBI simply backtracked from the names to determine the identities. Since most, if not all, of the September 11 hijacker identities were stolen, we remain in the dark as to who really was behind September 11. Given the fact that the United States has completely shredded its Constitution and fought two disastrous wars on the basis of a theory of who was behind September 11, this is rather amazing.