Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Nuremberg Trial incictments

Anwaar Hussain writes (or here) about the application of the indictments of the Nuremberg Trial as applied to the Bush Administration. It is interesting that in the cases of the German invasion of Norway and Denmark, and the German invasion of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg, the Tribunal found that these invasions were inevitable as the German government had already decided to invade, and in each case expressly rejected the German claims that the invasions were made for defensive purposes. In the case of Norway and Denmark (my emphasis):

"As the German armies entered Norway and Denmark, German memoranda were handed to the Norwegian and Danish Governments which gave the assurance that the German troops did not come as enemies, that they arid not intend to make use of the points occupied by German troops as bases for operations against England, as long as they were not forced to do so by measures taken by England and France, and that they had come to protect the North against proposed occupation of Norwegian strong points by English-French forces."

and in the case of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg (my emphasis):

"On the 10th May, 1940, the German forces invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. On the same day the German Ambassadors handed to the Netherlands and Belgian Governments a memorandum alleging that the British and French armies, with the consent of Belgium and Holland, were planning to march through those countries to attack the Ruhr, and justifying the invasion on these grounds. Germany, however, assured the Netherlands and Belgium that their integrity and their possessions would be respected. A similar memorandum was delivered to Luxemburg on the same date."

The American WMD justification for the inevitable attack on Iraq exactly parallels the lying excuses which the Germans provided in their memoranda to the various occupied governments. The provision of elaborate excuses actually proves the fact that the Germans, and the Americans, were attempting to create a legal excuse for their inevitable invasions, which proves knowledge of guilt. The Americans are actually in a worse legal state than the Germans, who didn't have the benefit of the clarifications in international law provided by the Nuremberg Trial judgment.