Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tony Blair, European leader

Tony Blair, through his stooge Peter Mandelson, is positioning himself to stay on as Prime Minister for years, using as the excuse that his great leadership is needed to mend the current 'crisis' in the European Union. Mandelson:

"What he's got to do is help other member states and heads of government come to terms with what's happened, understand, realise how Europe's got to move to a different place if it's going to overcome that malaise . . . that exists amongst the public."


"I hope that as part of his legacy when eventually he does step down as Prime Minister towards the end of this parliament, he will be able to look back on the next two to three years and say 'I helped Europe change and mend it's direction, re-build public confidence and trust in the European project in a way that seems relevant to us and our daily lives'."

Thus the poodle will still be around to lend support, not to mention British troops, to the planned attack in the Middle East, and the start of World War III. The irony, of course, is that the supposed 'crisis' was started by French voters rejecting the 'Washington consensus', globalist, neo-liberal positions that the eurocrats tried to sneak into the EU constitution, positions for which Blair is one of the world's leading cheerleaders (one of the most egregious parts of the proposed constitution was to subordinate European military policy to NATO, and thus to American decision makers, making future European rejection of another Bush-Blair illegal war impossible). It is interesting that whenever voters get a clear choice at whether they want the globalism favored by the Powers That Be, they vehemently reject it (which is why most elections are set up with all the choices supporting the same basic policies, and why nearly all neo-liberal 'free trade' agreements are brought in by politicians who campaigned, and won, on the basis of express rejection of 'free trade'). Each time globalism is rejected, the Powers That Be are completely shocked, unable to comprehend that anyone could fail to see the advantages of giving them more money and power at the expense of everyone else. Now Blair, part of the problem, is going to find his excuse to stick around in claiming to be the solution (but only in Europe, as he apparently isn't going to spend any political capital fighting for the EU constitution, or the Euro, in Britain itself). If the Labour Party doesn't grow some brains soon, and get rid of this guy - now! - he is surely going to lead them into political oblivion (as well as aid Bush in starting World War III, and do serious harm to the EU).