Friday, June 17, 2005

A war of aggression

  1. Read this account, relayed by Joseph L. Galloway of Knight Ridder Newspapers (see also here; Knight Ridder continues to be almost the only honest American coverage of the war, just as it was the only honest American coverage of the lies that led to the war);

  2. multiply it by thousands, as this kind of thing happens on a daily basis;

  3. contemplate this quote from Michael Mandel from his book "How America Gets Away With Murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage and Crimes Against Humanity" (found here or here):

    "Every death was a crime for which the leaders of the invading coalition were personally, criminally responsible. When General [Vince] Brooks said the soldiers at the Karbala checkpoint were exercising their 'inherent right to self-defense' he was talking nonsense: an aggressor has no right to self-defense. If you break into someone's house and hold them at gunpoint and they try to kill you but you kill them first, they’re guilty of nothing and you're guilty of murder."; and

  4. consider that we now have absolute proof in the series of memos flowing out of London that the war was illegal under international law (a clear war of aggression, described by the Nuremberg Tribunal the worst possible of the war crimes, the "supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole"), and American law (lying to the American Congress);

and you can start to get an inkling of the mess that the Bush Administration should be in, but won't suffer for, due to the fact that the American people have apparently decided to share the culpability.