Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Everybody - except the Iranians - wants regime change

Here is a nice summary of who is really behind various efforts to interfere in Iran to achieve 'regime change'. No big surprises. What is really troubling is how easily the so-called American left has bought into the same propaganda (while musing about partisan political battles in American politics). While the recent Iranian election was flawed due to the control on the range of candidates held by the religious establishment, and there were a few instances reported of possible irregularities in voting procedures, it is not unfair to state that the result was many times fairer, in every possible way, that the last two American Presidential elections. No contest. The last two Iranian elections represented the will of the electorate, and the last two American Presidential elections did not. Look at the final Iranian run-off. The Iranian people had a choice between a moderate and a hardliner, and chose the hardliner. How can anyone then claim that the restriction on the range of candidates to exclude the moderates made the election unfair? The people got the kind of candidate they wanted. The reason they wanted a hardliner is because of the increasing non-military (and probably military) attacks against their country by American and Israeli extreme right-wing interests, backed up with the tacit support of people like the wankers who write for outlets like The American Prospect (who are more concerned with winning a politcal battle than the coming disaster to the people of Iran; does anyone really believe that keeping Bolton out will save Iran?). If Democrats and progressives (mutually exclusive groups, I'm afraid) want to see an Iran with moderate leadership, they have to stop supporting the idea that there is this hidden Iranian electorate which never gets to vote, and stop implicitly supporting the neocons in their attempt to do to Iran what they have done to Iraq. People choose a hardliner when they are under attack, and Iran is currently under attack from the United States, unfortunately across the entire political spectrum (such as it is, from insane right-wingers, to slightly less insane right-wingers who delude themselves into thinking they are progressives).