Monday, July 04, 2005

Garry Trudeau on blogging

Garry Trudeau, who does the Doonesbury cartoon, takes a cheap shot at bloggers. It is fairly obvious that the journalist establishment is becoming threatened by the fear of competition which challenges them on the one issue they can't deal with, the truth. Trudeau is married to Jane Pauley, an expert at the trivial nonsense that now passes for journalism. Her most recent show was so bad that nobody watched it and it was cancelled. People now have options, and are no longer prepared to put up with watching distracting irrelevancies which are used to hide the truth. Trudeau, whose cartoon used to be important, has taken on the nice-but-stupid persona of his wife, and Doonesbury is now a sad shadow of what it was twenty years ago. It is curious that Trudeau insinuates that bloggers are somehow mentally ill, when Pauley herself boasts of being completely insane. You have to wonder if Trudeau was nagged into this cartoon and is taking his subtle revenge.