Friday, July 22, 2005

London duds

Two weeks ago: four bombs, four spectacular successes. Yesterday: four bombs, four duds. But lots of evidence left behind so the London police can get untracked from their bozo investigation and find some people to frame (to be fair to the police, I think they started a legitimate criminal investigation which became corrupted by Blair's political considerations and the need to find guilty Muslims). Hasib Hussain, the owner of magic pants, also had a magic passport, and didn't in fact go to Pakistan (yet another case of a convenient mistake). Two full weeks of snooping and still no clue as to what kind of explosive was used, or even whether the bombers knew what was going on. The complete failure of the investigation was starting to make people suspicious, and this little dud reminder will keep the legislative agenda on track. From what I've been able to gather, despite all the hoopla, British authorities have arrested a net total of one suspect from the first attack (who I suspect will be quietly released). In order to do that, they have established the precedent of blowing up the houses and cars of Muslims. The personal property of real people is blown up, and real people are left homeless, but hey, they're only Muslims. What does that remind me of? The West Bank.