Friday, July 08, 2005

More on London bombs

More on London bombs:

  1. I prefer the hybrid model for all these attacks, by which I mean the involvement of real Islamic terrorists guided by an intelligence agency. The intelligence agency funds much of the operation, chooses the targets and the time, and provides technical assistance. The Islamic terrorists provide most of the manpower. In some cases the terrorists are completely fooled into participating (probably what happened in Madrid, a Spanish police operation with Muslim men tricked into being in the wrong place at the wrong time), and in some cases they go along with the promptings of the intelligence agency as the operation fits into their own agenda.

  2. Problems in the taking of responsibility may either indicate a mistake by the sponsoring intelligence agency, or, more likely, a lack of education in the al Qaeda 'cell' coupled with the lack of communication necessary in an operation that relies on independent cells.

  3. Did you notice how much better the Wikipedia article is than anything in the old-fashioned mainstream media?

  4. Blair was riding high with the Olympic win and the G-8 summit, so it is unlikely that he was aware of the operation. That is not to say that there was no British government involvement.

  5. The attack will almost certainly allow the imposition of fascistic ID cards on the British population, a goal that was dead prior to the attacks due to the complete rejection of the idea by the British public.

  6. From WagNews:

    "The bombings come just a day after London was selected to host the 2012 Olympic games, and after a world focus on London as part of the Live 8 concert events. Were the attack to have taken place just 24hrs. before - it would have scuppered London's bid for the games."

    The timing was very fine. It did not ruin the British Olympic bid, as the British plutocrats dearly wanted the Olympics, but it needed to happen before the G-8 Summit started. It can now be used to start a new war in the Middle East, to protect Bush from having to commit on climate change, and to shelter Bush and Blair from recent revelations about the lies which led to the attack on Iraq.

  7. The Israelis got caught in a big mess attempting to claim that they were not given prior warning by British officials, when they clearly were given such warning, and Netanyahu changed his plans because of the warning. Much is being made of this, but to me it indicates no Israeli involvement (well, at least not by the mainstream Israeli government). Had Israel been involved in the attack, it would have been much better prepared to spin it properly. The confusion is evidence of innocence.

  8. The attack appears to be technically identical to the Madrid attack. Bombs in bags triggered by cellphones. Some are trying to argue that the sophistication of the attack means that the West now has to throw all caution to the winds and engage in a full fledged war against Islam. This is nonsense. Rather than being sophisticated, the attack was absurdly simple. It could be repeated anywhere in the world tomorrow. There is no defense against it. That alone should prompt us to conclusively reject the insane Zionist model that we can somehow fight a war against terror. The only appropriate response is to find out what's bugging the Islamic world, and negotiate a rational agreement. That would involve the same three completely reasonable requests we have always faced:

    • a fair resolution of the Palestinian problem, which would involve the creation of a viable Palestinian state (so this predictable response is completely backasswards);

    • removal of Western troops from Islamic countries (moving them from Iraq to Afghanistan doesn't count!); and

    • replacement of corrupt Western toady regimes in Middle Eastern countries.

    Each of these requests is completely just, and progress needs to be made before more innocent people are killed.

  9. It appears that the old deal between the British government and international terrorism - that London would host terrorist organizations from around the world, and not interfere with their international operations, on condition that they not attack London - is now over.