Sunday, July 10, 2005

The only practical response to the bombs

For the first time in the recent string of terrorist attacks not everyone is taking the bait and falling into the trap of assuming that the West is completely innocent, and the terrorists are representative of all Muslims who are 'Islamofascists' trying to violently convert the whole world to Islam. The fact that Bush and Blair lied and forced their respective countries into an unprovoked and illegal war which has killed at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians just might have something to do with the change in attitude. It has become a little more difficult to play the role of victim when you're totally covered in the blood of the innocent. We are now finally hearing people seriously ask whether there might be something to negotiate about, and whether some of the stated demands of the terrorists might be just.

The worst crime that Zionism has inflicted on the world is to take its immoral analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and impose it on everybody. The Zionist goal is to continue to steal land, and in order to do so has to re-characterize the natural Palestinian resistance to the illegal state terrorism of Israel, state terrorism which is intended to drive the Palestinians out of the Occupied Territories. Therefore, the Palestinian resistance is 'terrorism', and the Israeli attacks are all 'self-defense'. It's an amazing propaganda victory when Palestinian children throwing rocks at soldiers who are illegally occupying their country are terrorists, and the IDF soldier who uses a high powered rifle or a tank shell to shoot them is engaging in self-defense. But that's what we read every day. For this nonsense to fly it is necessary to promote the ogre of Islamic extremists whose sole goal in life is to exterminate the Jews and push Israel 'into the sea'. There are no doubt such people, prompted by years of abuse at the hands of Israel (abuse which we're only finding out about now, but which has characterized the entire history of Israel, and which has to inform our understanding of the real motives behind Israeli actions in the Occupied Territories), but most of us know most people of all races aren't that way, and depicting all Muslims as murderous psychopaths is just part of the racist basis of Zionism.

It is bad enough when this analysis is limited to the Palestinians, but the grim logic of Zionism means that it must be applied to Muslims all over the world. Therefore, each terrorist attack must be entirely unprovoked and motivated by an insane and completely evil desire to kill all non-Muslims except those who accept forcible conversion. The words of many of the crazy Imams support such an analysis, but this is like believing that the words of Hitler represent the views of all white people, or the words of Pat Robertson represent the views of all Christians. The entire Zionist propaganda exercise is based on fooling people into believing there are no moderate Muslims, and thus no one to negotiate with (the world has no 'negotiating partner' - where have we heard that one before?). This is a pretty good trick when you consider that moderate Muslims probably constitute over ninety-nine percent of the world Muslim population. The ubiquity of the Zionist propaganda message is why Israel is a much bigger world problem than its size and population would suggest.

The simple fact is that terrorism is a response to injustice, and that injustice is almost entirely caused by Western colonialists ensuring their plutocrats control the oil business. That desire for control was behind the Balfour Declaration (do you think that a bunch of British anti-Semitic aristocrats gave land to the Zionists because they liked Jews?), it is behind the continued support for corrupt governments in the Middle East, and it is behind the presence of Western troops in Muslim holy lands. Ending these injustices is entirely within the power of Western governments. Starting to end these injustices, and engaging in a meaningful, non-colonialist way with the vast majority of moderate Muslims, is the only way to end terrorism.

The alternative, one recently argued again by Zionists as the smoke was still in the air from the London bombs, is to continue and intensify the new world war against 'Islamofascism'. This is insane. Why would the world even entertain a policy based on the Zionist need to spin Israel's conflict with the Palestinians in such a way as to justify what Israel is up to? Who exactly do you propose to kill in order to stop terrorism? What war will you fight? I thought Afghanistan and Iraq were supposed to stop terrorism. That's what the Zionists told us. Instead, these wars appear to have increased the number of dangerous terrorists in the world, and increased the completely justified anger of many people who otherwise would have just wanted to get on with their normal lives. Is the plan now to kill every single Muslim in the world?

The London bombing was a marvel of efficiency of attack, with an entire city halted with a few small bags full of bombs. The ratio of the cost of the attack to the amount of damages is enormous, which is why the London attacks are much more dangerous than the expensive attacks of September 11. The London attacks are also completely scalable, and could be repeated as often as necessary. The costs, both economic and in terms of civil liberties and general loss of quality of life, would not be a reasonable cost for London, or any other city, to bear, especially given the existence of alternatives.

I can't help but think of the flypaper theory, a favorite of the warbloggers. The idea was that engaging the 'Islamofascists' on their home ground would draw all the terrorists to the flypaper of the local war, where they would pose no harm to the West. There was something deeply immoral and selfish about this, that we would do ourselves good by imposing the terrorists on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. It was completely inconsistent with the American claims that it had only the best of intentions, and was only trying to help these countries. It was also tactically stupid. Not only has the injustice of the wars reinvigorated the Islamic resistance movement, it has provided excellent training to insurgents who are now free to use their skills all over the world. Consider also that the technology of the improvised explosive devices used in Iraq against the Americans has been developed by trial and error into an important method of insurgent warfare. It would not surprise me if that technology made it as far as the London Underground, or will make it to one of the next terrorist attacks.