Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Right-wing bombing in London?

From Wayne Madsen:

" Some informed British sources believe that the recent London Transport bombings may have been the work of far right-wing British terrorists hoping to stir up tensions with the nation's large Muslim population. There are several reasons for this belief. One is that GCHQ and MI-5 intercepts of the communications of Muslim groups in Britain and abroad - groups suspected of ties to militants - revealed that targeted individuals and organizations were genuinely surprised at the London bombings. Another is the statement of former Metropolitan London police commissioner Sir John Stevens that the perpetrators were 'almost certainly' British. Although many accused Stevens of stirring up racial tensions, he never referred to British Muslims. British Prime Minister Tony Blair ruled out any probe of the bombings claiming it would 'distract' from the investigation."

It might also explain the attempts to stir up racial tensions by playing up the presence of radical Islam in Britain, the fact that the video cameras were mysteriously all not working in the bombed bus, the 'military' source of the explosives, and the odd report of a Canary Wharf shooting by police. It would also make the London attacks similar to the strategy-of-tension attacks in Madrid, where extreme right-wingers attempted to frame Muslims for a police attack in order to create racial tension. The fact that we seem to know less about the bombing now than we did last week is also something to think about.