Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Unified Theory of the Corruption of the Bush Administration

You can pretty much assume that journalists handling secret sources don't talk to each other, and can also assume that the Vice President's Office and Rove don't talk much, out of motives of possible personal animosity and to avoid the type of Watergate and Iran-Contra problems of which they are fully aware through bitter personal experience. What if Cheney or Libby found out about Plame (possibly from the memo referred to here, but it could have come from anywhere), and, rather than tell Rove directly, told Miller? There seems to be a Cheney-Miller connection, as evidenced by the fact that the Miller aluminum tubes story was immediately followed by Cheney using it in his build-up to war. Once Miller has the info, Cheney or Libby could hint to Rove that he might want to call Miller, and Miller would then pass on the information to Rove. Rove is then off the hook, as he is just the recipient of the scuttlebut of journalists, and can safely pass the information to Pincus, Cooper and Novak. The Rove e-mail message to Stephen Hadley about his conversation with Cooper, saying he 'didn't take the bait' when Cooper suggested that Wilson's criticisms had been damaging to the administration, is just papering the file for Rove's eventual legal defense. Cheney and Libby have cleverly used Miller to launder the information which Cheney wants to get to the press without having his fingerprints on it. Miller uncharacteristically didn't write about the story, which may be evidence that she was in on the scheme. As long as she keeps quiet, Cheney and Libby are safe. Once she is out of jail, they can arrange for her to have a nice book deal, funded by the usual scam of wholesale buying of books by right-wing operators to make the book seem more popular than it actually is.

We're now getting very close to a Unified Theory (or here) of the Corruption of the Bush Administration, tying together Plamegate, the forged Niger documents, the AIPAC scandal, Miller's 'journalism', John Bolton's work undermining the State Department (Bolton also ties into the creation of the original yellowcake story, and don't forget Frederick Fleitz, his chief of staff, with an odd double posting between Bolton and WINPAC in the CIA, where he would know about Plame, and a guy who parrots the Israeli line that UN peacekeepers wouldn't work in the Occupied Territories), the information in the Downing Street Memos, David Wurmser and John Hannah and their Israeli connections within the Vice President's Office, and the machinations of the Office of Special Plans. All this concerns the lies which led to the attack on Iraq, lies which were primarily funneled out of the Vice President's Office. This information included lies from the Iraqi National Conference (through Miller) and Sharon's office (through Feith, and no doubt the assistance of AIPAC). The information battle was with the CIA, which was consistently trying to meddle by attempting to present the truth. Cheney actually had to go and attend at the CIA offices in order to shut the CIA up. The Office of Special Plans was created expressly to route the lies around the truth which the CIA was trying to present. Plamegate was just another shot across the bow of the CIA, a warning that the Vice President was fully capable of fighting dirty if the CIA wasn't ready to play along. It may also reflect, in miniature, the same conspiracy that led to the disastrous attack on Iraq.