Thursday, August 04, 2005

All hail the 'excuse makers'!

We are slowly seeing a return to sanity in the intellectual debate over terrorism and its causes. The London bomb attacks emphasized the huge disconnect between the views of the average person and the views of the Anglo-American-Zionist extremists, exemplified in the person of Tony Blair, whose denials of the obvious connections between terrorism and actions of the British state have made him appear to be insane. It is absolutely clear to the average person in Britain, and slowing becoming clear to the (much stupider) average person in the United States, that Anglo-American neocolonialism - including its manifestations in the attack and occupation of Iraq, manipulation of politics in Middle Eastern countries, and the support for the worst Zionist excesses in Israel - is the real cause of terrorism. As we have seen from people who have studied the issue, the final straw was the occupation of Iraq, where the violent occupation by those with a different religion created the necessary and sufficient conditions for suicide bombings (although he wasn't a suicide bomber, the suspect being held in Italy, Osman Hussain, expressly confirmed that the actions of the second set of bombers were motivated by anger over Iraq).

The fact that it is becoming 'common sense' to assume that terrorism has a cause in the actions of Western states and Israel is terrifying to the Zionists, who have worked for years constructing the myth that terrorism is connected with an evil inherent in, and unique to, Islam. The myth was primarily required to justify the Israeli state terrorism against the Palestinians. This state terrorism is intended to ethnically cleanse the Occupied Territories so the land can be stolen, and is justified by claiming that such state terrorism is 'self defense' against the irrational and unprovoked actions of the Palestinians, whose sole motivation for violence is to push Israel 'into the sea' due to motives buried deep in their evil religion. This lie has served the Zionists well for years, and could have worked for many more, but using its American treason agents to force the attack on Iraq, with its disastrous occupation, they have pushed too far, and inadvertently revealed the lie behind the whole Zionist myth of the reasons for terrorism.

While we can blame Israel for many evils, the single worst thing it has done is export its lies about the basis of terrorism to the rest of the world. These lies are directly behind the 'war on terror', and have caused, and will continue to cause, an enormous amount of suffering. For years, the Israelis managed their relationship with the United States by being the American bulwark against the evils of communism in the Middle East. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Israel moved immediately into positioning itself as the American bulwark against the evils of terrorism in the Middle East. With the events of September 11, it has spread the idea that 'we're all Israelis now', effectively sinking the rest of the world into the same lie. The most recent extension of the terrorist lie was revealed by Benjamin Netanyahu, as reported in the Sunday Herald:

"After the attacks on New York and Washington, the former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was asked what the terrorist strikes would mean for US-Israeli relations. He said: 'It's very good.' Then he corrected himself, adding: 'Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy [for Israel from Americans].'"

The rest of the Western world is slowly coming to the realization that it is suffering the effects of terrorism all so Israel can continue to shelter under a lie concocted to allow it to steal land from the Palestinians.

Just to show what we're up against, here are some quotes from a column by Nick Cohen, arguing against the idea that terrorism has causes in the actions of the West (my emphasis in bold at the key propaganda points):

"In these bleak days, it's worth remembering what was said after September 2001. A backward glance shows that before the war against the Taliban and long before the war against Saddam Hussein, there were many who had determined that 'we had it coming'. They had to convince themselves that Islamism was a Western creation: a comprehensible reaction to the International Monetary Fund or hanging chads in Florida or whatever else was agitating them, rather than an autonomous psychopathic force with reasons of its own. In the years since, this manic masochism has spread like bindweed and strangled leftish and much conservative thought."


"Whether you are brown or white, Muslim, Christian, Jew or atheist, it is uncomfortable to face the fact that there is a messianic cult of death which, like European fascism and communism before it, will send you to your grave whatever you do. But I'm afraid that's what the record shows."


"The only plausible excuse for 11 September was that it was a protest against America's support for Israel. Unfortunately, Osama bin Laden's statements revealed that he was obsessed with the American troops defending Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein and had barely said a word about Palestine."

The stream of utter lies in these paragraphs reaches its peak in the words "barely said a word about Palestine", and thus inadvertently reveals what the Zionists are really afraid of. Bin laden is obsessed about the plight of the Palestinians. Here is a quote from the very beginning of his 'letter to America':

"As for the first question: Why are we fighting and opposing you? The answer is very simple:

(1) Because you attacked us and continue to attack us.

a) You attacked us in Palestine:

(i) Palestine, which has sunk under military occupation for more than 80 years. The British handed over Palestine, with your help and your support, to the Jews, who have occupied it for more than 50 years; years overflowing with oppression, tyranny, crimes, killing, expulsion, destruction and devastation. The creation and continuation of Israel is one of the greatest crimes, and you are the leaders of its criminals. And of course there is no need to explain and prove the degree of American support for Israel. The creation of Israel is a crime which must be erased. Each and every person whose hands have become polluted in the contribution towards this crime must pay its price, and pay for it heavily."

To show how important it is, that is (1) a) (i) in his letter. You will see the obsession with Palestine in other speeches by bin Laden. Cohen's statement that bin Laden has "barely said a word about Palestine" is an outright lie, but a very revealing one. The logic behind the Zionist lie on terrorism is that terrorism is completely irrational, and there is nothing that can be done to appease bin Laden and his ilk. The fact that bin Laden consistently sets out a list of demands that could easily be met is something the Zionists don't want us to know.

The mania of the Zionist response to the dawning of the truth has now reached its inevitable conclusion in a column by the ridiculous Thomas Friedman, who advocates that the U. S. government set up an official list of people who have the audacity to maintain that terrorism might pose a rational question to the West which could be answered. He writes:

"We need to shine a spotlight on hate speech wherever it appears. The State Department produces an annual human rights report. Henceforth, it should also produce a quarterly War of Ideas Report, which would focus on those religious leaders and writers who are inciting violence against others."


"We also need to spotlight the 'excuse makers,' the former State Department spokesman James Rubin said. After every major terrorist incident, the excuse makers come out to tell us why imperialism, Zionism, colonialism or Iraq explains why the terrorists acted. These excuse makers are just one notch less despicable than the terrorists and also deserve to be exposed. When you live in an open society like London, where anyone with a grievance can publish an article, run for office or start a political movement, the notion that blowing up a busload of innocent civilians in response to Iraq is somehow 'understandable' is outrageous. 'It erases the distinction between legitimate dissent and terrorism,' Mr. Rubin said, 'and an open society needs to maintain a clear wall between them.'"

Actually, what is outrageous is that a censor like Friedman has such a prominent role in American public life. Friedman's not an idiot - well, actually he is, but that's another topic (for a hint, see this remarkable and very funny review of his latest book by Matt Taibi) - so he has to know that an official American government list of 'excuse makers' will probably lead to abuse, and is certainly a threat intended to stifle legitimate debate (is this what the New York Times now stands for?). The most bizarre thing is that the 'excuse makers' now probably, or will soon, constitute a majority of the American population! Friedman's column is proof that the panic amongst the Zionists has reached a point where they don't mind making fools of themselves. We 'excuse makers' have to take this as confirmation that the truth will (eventually) prevail.