Wednesday, August 24, 2005

An American constitution for Iraq

From Left I on the News, I was referred to Billmon, who referred to a passage in an article in the Washington Post:

"Negotiators here described American officials as playing a major role in the draft. U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad shuttled among Iraqi leaders, pushing late Monday for the inclusion of Sunnis in talks, negotiators said. U.S. Embassy staff members worked from a Kurdish party headquarters to help type up the draft and translate changes from English to Arabic for Iraqi lawmakers, negotiators said."

A major role indeed. The U. S. Embassy is working from Kurdish party headquarters to translate changes from English to Arabic for Iraqi lawmakers. So the Americans are writing the constitution in English, and then helpfully sending out - symbolically from Kurdish party headquarters - the drafts translated so the Iraqi lawmakers can see what the U. S. has planned for their constitution. By controlling the language in which the document is drafted, the Americans can control the terms of the debate, and ensure that the various factions can never come to a meeting of the minds in the kind of compromises that might lead to a workable document. Yet the spin on all this is how embarrassing it is for the Bush Administration that the constitution contains all these Shi'ite-influenced references to the dominance of Islam in the laws of the new state. Isn't it obvious that all this religion is being planted by the Americans in order to ensure that the Sunnis and religious moderates won't be able to live with the constitution imposed on them, thus leading to the break-up of Iraq and the formation of the new Shi'ite Empire?