Saturday, August 06, 2005

CIA disinformation agents

I couldn't help but notice the long list of CIA disinformation agents helpfully posted on the internet by WagNews. Now when I read Riverbend (with a link which goes to a non-operating blog which isn't even the real Riverbend), I'll know she's not a young woman living in Iraq but actually a balding, overweight, 52-year-old CIA agent posting from Langley, Virginia, attempting to make the American war and occupation look bad as part of the ongoing CIA-neocon turf war in Washington. It puts 'her' blog in a whole new perspective. I actually agree with the last paragraph in the WagNews posting commenting on 9-11:

". . . it was orchestrated by the highest levels of the US Military and military-industrial complex; on behalf of the national and international politicians, corporates, and moneyed interests. It had, and still has the full support of the US Military/intelligence apparatus - who control much of the alternative media and the 9/11 movement."

But people who live in glass disinformation houses shouldn't throw stones. WagNews is big on analyzing photos of the London bombers taken from the CCTV cameras. It has made a great deal of supposed anomalies in these photos. This analysis is complete and utter nonsense. Analyzing similar allegations made at Citizens For Legitimate Government (or here), the poster Anonymoose, posting at Rantburg (not a place I'd ordinarily cite, but when you're right, you're right), wrote:

"Actually not. It's a function of a low-res camera with a transfer from videotape to a compressed video format."

another poster, 11A5S, wrote:

"I zoomed in on it and it shows nothing of the sort. It's a security photo. The definition is too low to support the kind of naked eye analysis that this site is claiming."

Wild allegations of disinformation from WagNews are trumped by clear and demonstrable disinformation published by WagNews. The photo analysis is nonsense, presumably intended to deceive the reader into following the WagNews analysis of the London bombings. You should be your own judge of where the real disinformation is being posted.


Anonymous said...

I've just recently received wind of the existence of these, "Disinformation Agents". Before now, I had my own thoughts, and feeling that something was NOT RIGHT! However, how do we know for certain who is/is not an Agent of sorts? The media, as wel all know, have many working to keep what we should know in the shadows, and what they believe we should know/hear in line of sight. So again I ask, How do we know? Because there are some regular joes who doubt or question everything in whatever way they know how. This does not deam them Disinformation Agents. And it would be pretty unwise to speculate that they are, considering, wouldn't we be just as bad as those who wish to hide the truth from us, and Disinform? So, I'd say (as you've said), Be your own judge. Because I believe that whoever they are, the REAL TRUTH ALWAYS comes to LIGHT. Thank you for the article.

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