Sunday, August 21, 2005

Following up on recent postings

Following up on some recent postings:

  1. Here is a long account of today's version of what happened to Jean Charles de Menezes (this kind of thing has happened before). A commentator points out that the story that de Menezes had jumped over the subway ticket barrier came from the police, and not media sources. That jump is one of the main components of the first version of the Official Story, necessary to the idea that the police reacted to suspicious actions by de Menezes, and the police lied about it. They can't claim that they just failed to correct a media error.

  2. The Freakonomics economists comment on the 'Peak Oil' idea. Since global warming caused by consumption of hydrocarbons is the real problem facing the world, the luckiest thing that could happen is if 'Peak Oil' were correct, but I don't think we are that fortunate. If we all decided to tax the windfall profits of the oil industry caused by this artificial panic at, say, a rate of 150%, we would hear no more of this 'problem'.

  3. A cartoon and an excellent article on the biofuel-from-corn scam. Note all the problems that biofuels will cause. If we all decided to stop the obscene subsidization of agricultural production, and in particular, corn, we would hear no more of this ridiculous idea (and ending First-World agricultural subsidies would go a long way to ending Third-World hunger and economic deprivation).

  4. Enshrining Islam in Iraq's constitution is just another part of the neocon plan to create a Shi'ite Empire which will be an ally of Israel. Don't believe the hype that Iran is in any danger (but we will continue to hear about it as part of the campaign to force Iranian politics to the right).