Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The neocon plan for Iraq

The upcoming Sunni-Shi'ite conflicts engineered by Khalilzad through his sabotaging of the Iraqi constitution are already starting to play themselves out. From an article in the Associated Press by Salah Nasrawi:

"The elephant in the room for all Sunnis remains Iran the Shiite theocracy next door that provided refuge to many of Iraq's current Shiite leaders during Saddam's dictatorship. Tehran has welcomed the Iraqi people taking charge of determining their own fate and drafting a constitution that respects and protects the rights of its citizens.

There is little doubt that sidelining the Sunnis would vastly increase Iran's influence in Iraq and the whole region an anathema for Sunni Arabs and a nightmare for many Washington policy-makers."

Well, some Washington policy-makers. The neocons on the ground in Iraq have ensured that Iraq will break up into three parts: a non-threatening Sunni remnant, Kurdistan, and a Shi'ite Empire led by Iran. Sunni-dominated groups in the Middle East have all spoken against it, and have all made the point that stressing the Arab identity of Iraq is the only way to avoid a catastrophic break-up of the country. Conflicts between the new Shi'ite Empire and the Sunni world will give Israel plenty of room to work towards creating Greater Israel. From the same article, here is the Israeli math:

"Shiites account for less than 15 percent of the 1 billion Muslims around the world. But they make up an estimated 60 percent of Iraq's estimated 27 million people, although Sunnis dominated the country under Saddam and earlier regimes."

The plan is so obvious, but everyone pretends not to see it. I note that this Zionist-neocon plan will not benefit the United States.