Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Reporters Without Borders or Principles

The New York Times feels Judith Miller should be released from jail as "continued incarceration is not going to sway a reporter who believes she is making a principled sacrifice." It seems to me that the damage done by her incarceration to the concept of whistleblowing - and, unlike many, I think that there has been such damage (see here) - has already been done, and letting her out won't cure the damage. Her contempt continues. Given all the terrible things she did to lie the U. S. into the attack on Iraq, they might as well throw away the key and leave her in there forever. If the New York Times was genuinely concerned about getting her out, they would write an editorial urging Scooter to sign the damn waiver. Of course, if she's as involved in the Plame scandal as many suspect, Miller still won't want to testify even with a waiver (which means her sacrifice isn't 'principled'). Read the Arianna Huffington comments on the continuing saga.

Miller now has the group Reporters Without Borders shilling for her. From an article by Salim Lamrani (and for more, see here):

"The strong suspicions that have surrounded the dubious and partisan activities of Reporters without Boarders (RSF) were not unfounded. For many years, various critics have denounced the largely political actions of the Parisian entity, particularly with regards to Cuba and Venezuela, whose characteristics that utilizes propaganda is obvious. The positions of RSF against the governments of Havana and Caracas are found in perfect correlation with the political and media war that Washington carries out against the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutionaries.

Finally the truth has come to light. Mr. Robert Ménard, secretary general of the RSF for twenty years, has confessed to receiving financing from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), an organization that depends on the U.S. Department of State, whose principal role is to promote the agenda of the White House for the entire world. Ménard was indeed very clear. 'We indeed receive money from the NED. And that hasn't posed any problem.'"

In other words, Reporters Without Borders is another bought-and-paid-for American government propaganda outlet. The perfect advocates for Judith Miller.