Thursday, September 08, 2005

Shoot-to-kill innocent Palestinians

Israeli military prosecutors have opened seventeen separate criminal investigations following allegations by dozens of Israeli soldiers that they carried out shoot-to-kill orders against unarmed Palestinians. From the Guardian (my emphasis in bold):

"Some of the soldiers, who also spoke to the Guardian, say they acted on standing orders in some parts of the Palestinian territories to open fire on people regardless of whether they were armed or not, or posed any physical threat.

The soldiers say that in some situations they were ordered to shoot anyone who appeared on a roof or a balcony, anyone who appeared to be kneeling to the ground or anyone who appeared on the street at a designated time. Among those killed by soldiers acting on the orders were young children.

While the background to the soldiers' experience is the armed conflict that has been going on in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since October 2000, many of the shootings occurred in periods of calm when there was no immediate risk to the soldiers involved."

and, somewhat wryly:

"The testimonies shed light on how around 1,700 Palestinian civilians have been killed during the second intifada."

This sort of thing has been obvious for a long time now, but if you dared mention it, you would have been labeled a vicious anti-Semite. Due to the success of the Zionist strategy in calling anyone who speaks the truth about Israel an anti-Semite, people are silent, and in their silence bear moral responsibility for the deaths of innocent civilians.