Friday, October 14, 2005

Civilwarland in Bad Decline

From Iraqi Resistance Report (scroll down a bit):

"A number of Iraqis apprehended two Americans disguised in Arab dress as they tried to blow up a booby-trapped car in the middle of a residential area in western Baghdad on Tuesday.

Residents of western Baghdad's al-Ghazaliyah district told Quds Press that the people had apprehended the Americans as they left their Caprice car near a residential neighborhood in al-Ghazaliyah on Tuesday afternoon (11 October 2005). Local people found they looked suspicious so they detained the men before they could get away. That was when they discovered that they were Americans and called the Iraqi puppet police.

Five minutes after the arrival of the Iraqi puppet police on the scene a large force of US troops showed up and surrounded the area. They put the two Americans in one of their Humvees and drove away at high speed to the astonishment of the residents of the area.

Quds Press spoke by telephone with a member of the al-Ghazaliyah puppet police who confirmed the incident, saying that the two men were non-Arab foreigners but declined to be more precise about their nationality.

Quds Press pointed out that about a month ago, the Iraqi puppet police in the southern Iraqi city of al-Basrah arrested two Britons whom they accused of attempting to cause an explosion in the city. The Britons were taken into custody by the Iraqi puppet police only to be broken out of prison by an assault of British occupation troops. That incident has created a tense relationship between the British and the local puppet authorities in al-Basrah, Quds Press noted."

The sloppiness in getting caught like this is probably a reflection of the upcoming vote on the constitution, and the need to stir up as much trouble as possible in the days before the vote. While it would be nice to catch the neocons for what they did two or three years ago, it would be even nicer if somebody were to stop what they are doing now, which is attempting to create a civil war in Iraq. For a bunch of guys who may be going to jail, they are acting as they always have, boldly, and without the slightest opposition. It would be interesting to know what 'non-Arab foreigners' means.