Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Comments on comments

I wasn't at all surprised to see a very negative reaction to my comments that the CIA was behind Plamegate, as there seems to be a huge pent-up anger around the world that the neocons should be punished for what they did. No CIA distractions are to get in the way of divine retribution! If anyone actually goes to trial on the main issue as opposed to the cover-up - and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if on Fitzmas morning all the lefties find they got lumps of coal - we might actually get to hear the defense arguments, which will include questions concerning what Tenet was doing telling Cheney about Plame, the real connection between Wilson's trip and his marriage to Plame, and how undercover Plame actually was. We'll have to wait and see. In any event, the scapegoats won't stop the neocon project, and everybody who is convicted will get a commemorative gift box containing a Presidential Pardon, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and a big sack of money. That's real Fitzmas!

I was quite surprised to see the anger over my comments about the WTC tower collapses, which really doesn't strike me as being much of an issue. The vast majority of engineers have no scientific problem with what happened, and I can't see any motive to gild the lily. Unlike the Pentacrash, there is not one shred of physical evidence against the Official Story. I have not seen any videos that convince me that they didn't just fall down. WTC 7 is a completely separate issue, and still lacks a convincing reason for it having collapsed as a result of the minimal damage it appears to have suffered.