Saturday, October 15, 2005

Deep Plame

Why did the White House - and it appears that almost everybody was involved - spend so much time and effort, and take so many political risks, going after Wilson and Plame? Didn't they have anything better to do? Their bungling efforts at dirty tricks just made Wilson's article more famous than it otherwise would have been. Why did the White House immediately turn to Judy Wilson and the New York Times when it wanted to start this particular dirty trick? How did the White House dirty tricksters know to start their planning for the attack on Wilson/Plame even before Wilson wrote the article which caused the problem? Does Cheney have ESP? The obvious White House-CIA connection is Fred Fleitz. If Fleitz gave them the heads-up, did he do so working for the CIA, or for John Bolton? Were the neocons the subject of a CIA set-up started by a traitor in their midst? Why did Wilson wait until after the attack on Iraq was over to publish an article that might have been politically important in preventing the war if he had published immediately after Powell's UN speech but before attack had started? Are Wilson's motives are as pristine as he would have us believe? Is it just a coincidence that the CIA picked Wilson to go to Iraq, and just a coincidence that his wife was CIA and in the field of non-proliferation? Non-proliferation, or perhaps more accurately, proliferation, is Bolton's field. Did the White House insiders see the Wilson article, and in fact the entire CIA involvement in the Niger matter, as a power play by the CIA, and thus not subject to the usual niceties of Washington behavior? What was the CIA actually doing during the lead-up to the war? Was it for the war, or against it? What kind of game was George Tenet playing? Why did he force Hadley to take the uranium references out of the Cincinnati speech but let the State of the Union address slip by without any comment? Did he say nothing because he thought it would not do any good? Was the CIA happy to see the White House put their foot in it? Is the reduction in CIA power in Washington part of the White House pay-back for the CIA's efforts in embarrassing the White House? Why don't we know the answers to any of these questions?