Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The ground war in Syria has begun

Syria is in grave danger of attack and destruction by the United States, and Iran isn't, simply because the neocons take their marching orders from Israel, and the Likudniks want regime change in Syria, and the ultimate destruction of that country. The secular Syrian government, with its strong ties to pan-Arab nationalism, is the biggest nightmare for the Likudniks, and it is no accident that the two first targets, Iraq and Syria, were both secular governments which fought internal religious strife from Islamists by appealing to Arab identity. The sudden withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, after a suitable time to prepare the country for civil war, including the use of agents provocateurs, was the plan all along, in order to lead to the civil war which will break up Iraq into warring factions, and eventually create the Shi'ite empire led by Iran which is intended to be the new de facto Israeli ally. The similar plan for Syria is to break off the Kurdish east and give it to the new Israeli ally called Kurdistan, and allow for the new Syrian government to be led by the Muslim Brotherhood. Since Israel can't possibly be expected to negotiate with radical Islamists, Israel will immediately permanently confiscate the Golan Heights (necessary for 'security' against the 'radicals' leading Syria), and will soon contrive another war to confiscate more parts of Syria on the way to building Greater Israel.

This plan is much further developed than the most of the disgusting American media is prepared to reveal. In what has already been compared to Kissinger's illegal war in Cambodia, the Americans are now using the ruse of pursuit of insurgents to begin to fight an actual war on Syrian territory (some think it is these guys doing the fighting). The media has to keep this quiet, as it is completely illegal both under American and international law. The Syrians can't talk about it as it would prove that the Syrian government is not in control of Syrian territory, an admission which would lead to a coup. The war, the extent of which we will probably not know for years, is intended to destabilize the current Syrian government and lead to the Israeli goal of regime change. While the neocons appear to be on the run in Washington, their plans continue to develop as if the AIPAC/Niger forgery/Plamegate scandal was just some work of fiction.


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