Friday, October 28, 2005

The NFW response

I think I have exactly the same reason for objecting to the official story of the Pentacrash and the conspiracy theory that the two WTC towers were pulled down. The NFW response. In the case of the Pentagon, I'm supposed to believe that a guy who demonstrably couldn't fly a Cessna two weeks before flew Flight 77 through a 270 degree turn, and then brought it down perfectly to leave the entry hole exactly at the ground level. He flew a plane with wings, a tail, and a twenty-four foot wide fuselage through a fifteen-foot wide hole, leaving no other damage on the facade of the building, and no appreciable wreckage outside of the building. Then all the remains of the plane inside the building disappeared, except for enough human DNA to identify all but one of the passengers, the sole unidentified person being one of the hijackers. You know what I say to that? No Fucking Way!

In the case of the controlled demolition of the Pentagon, I'm supposed to believe that literally tons of explosives were delivered half way up, with nobody seeing anything, in each of two towers. Controlled demolition is a very tricky process, risky at the best of times, and never before tried on a building of this type or size, and certainly never before tried by demolition half-way up, but the conspirators were confident that they would succeed. They had to be really confident, as if they didn't succeed they would leave behind a hell of a lot of evidence. They also had to be confident that the buildings would each fall straight down, although such a demolition had never been tried before, and even much less ambitious demolitions often behave in unpredictable ways. Then they managed to pull off perfect demolitions in each of the two towers within an hour of each other, with the buildings falling exactly on their respective footprints. I'm sorry, but you know what I say to that? No Fucking Way! That is much, much, much less plausible than even the Official Story. There are no doubt many reasons to question the Official Story, but coming up with an even sillier alternative is no help at all.