Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The other mole in the White House

Who was the CIA mole in the White House who gently steered them towards Plame? Tenet told Cheney the name, which Cheney, perhaps referring to the state of his anger, heard as 'Flame'. Why would Tenet even mention the name of an undercover operative tied to Wilson, unless he had an ulterior motive? Who actually filled out the details of Plame's status and guided the neocons to destruction? Of course, there might have been more than one mole. Fred Fleitz comes immediately to mind, as he was in both the White House and the CIA, and worked in Plame's field of non-proliferation ('non-proliferation' seems to be the American term for limiting the access to weapons of mass destruction to the United States and Israel!). I have another suggestion. What about George W. Bush? His father is obviously lifetime CIA and headed the Agency. Bush himself had these mysterious plane flights to South America during the early 1970's. Bush's going AWOL without consequences might be explained by the fact that the CIA needed a pilot to do some work for them, a pilot who might have been suggested by his father.

Of course, Bush left the prudent path of his father and his father's friends like Powell and Scowcroft to follow the neocons into disaster. This could probably be excused because Bush needed the neocons to get the support of the Christian Zionists. Since the shit has hit the fan, it may be time to come back into the fold. What is the main goal of the Bush Crime Family? To advance the interests and plans of the Bush Crime Family. Which means Jeb as the next American President. The major block to that plan is Cheney, who can have the job for the asking if he wants to take it. How do you stop Cheney? Plamegate.


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