Saturday, November 12, 2005

Black-ops in Turkish Kurdistan

From Cryptome (scroll down), correspondence from 'A':

"A Turkish military black-ops scandal has been unfolded in the city of Semdinli in eastern Turkey (Turkish Kurdistan) after three Turkish black-op sergeants from the Turkish Gendarmerie Intelligence Service (JIS) were caught red-handed by citizens after attacking a bookstore on November 9. The sergeants were almost lynched by upset Kurds but were rescued by Turkish police. Kurds broke into the car in which the sergeants had carried out their attack on the bookstore and they found WEAPONS, BOMBS, DEATH-LISTS, WRITTEN PLANS, MAPS, etc. Everything was documented by Kurds at the scene. The Kurds also manage to get their hands on one of the sergeants military ID and their pictures were taken before the police managed to rescue the sergeants. The sergeants later confessed during interrogation to the Turkish Republican Prosecutor of Semdinli that they had carried out the attack on the bookstore, which killed one person and seriously wounded another one. Lo and behold! They ALSO confessed that they had carried out the bomb attack on November 1 outside a military residency in the city that injured 23 people, among them 3 Turkish police officers, 4 Turkish soldiers and 16 Kurdish civilians. THAT bomb-attack was blamed on the PKK by every god damn media outlet in the world, even though PKK denounced the attack. Turkish military black-ops in a nutshell!

If the military of the NATO-member Turkey carries out this type of black-op attacks, then what not? And they call the Kurds in Turkey 'terrorists'."

The news reports are here and here and here (a vaguer report here). The Turkish Prime Minister has called (scroll down, but read the other reports) for the incident to be 'demystified'! The November 1 incident documented by Reuters with a photo has this caption (my emphasis; see also here and here and here and here):

"A Turkish soldier stands next to the buildings damaged by an explosion while an unidentified man talks on his mobile phone in Semdinli town in southeast Turkish province of Hakkari November 2, 2005. Kurdish rebels detonated a car bomb in front of security headquarters in a town in southeast Turkey, wounding 23 people and damaging dozens of buildings, officials and media reports said on Wednesday. The blast hit Semdinli on the mountainous border with Iraq and Iran at 11.30 pm (2130 GMT) on Tuesday, wounding four soldiers, three police officers and 16 civilians, the provincial governor's office said in a statement.

It is relatively rare for these black operations to be caught, which may explain why it is so difficult to convince people of how common they are. This is exactly what happened to the two British soldiers in Basra who were caught red-handed trying to create some atrocity which would then be blamed on Iranians or al-Qaeda or local insurgents or whatever group the British had decided to defame.