Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dennis Prager, racist

Dennis Prager has written an expressly racist anti-Muslim op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, and Juan Cole has deftly shredded it. I've have only one question for the Los Angeles Times, which is where do they get the nerve to print such racist drivel. If Prager had been writing in the 1950's, his equivalent article on civil rights would have been called 'Five questions non-Negros would like answered'. The answer to my question to the Times is that anti-Muslim racism is invisible to Americans. You can write whatever you want about Muslims, make whatever generalizations you want, and make whatever factual misstatements (i. e., lies) you want, and no one will notice what you are really up to. The United States has done a fairly good job at dealing with the intellectual basis of its traditional anti-Black racism (but not such a good job in the practicalities, as seen in the aftermath of Katrina), but has simply replaced underlying anti-Black racism with underlying anti-Muslim racism. The underlying assumptions explain why Prager can get away with such an outrageous op-ed.

Prager's op-ed fits into the pattern of Zionist propaganda which completely dominates the American media. The general idea is that Muslims are uniquely ill-suited to govern themselves, and therefore it is perfectly acceptable to deny them the national sovereignty in places like Iraq and Syria that everybody else has as a matter of course, and perfectly acceptable for Israel to deny the Palestinians the nationhood that every other people in the world is entitled to have. The idea is that 'non-Muslims' regrettably have to treat Muslims differently because of some weird and unique failing in Muslims themselves, which is presumably some sort of brain damage you catch from reading the Koran (as I can think of no other similarity that Muslims around the world have that would require them to all be treated like children). We've recently seen some spectacular examples of this Zionist propaganda in articles by Pipes, Boot and Steyn, all ridiculously trying to shoe-horn the French riots into their understanding that the West is in the middle of an attack by Islam. Prager is just another of the same bunch, pretending to innocently ask questions while really forming another part of the general Zionist propaganda war required for Israel and the United States to do the things they are doing to Muslims in the Middle East. Prager is an out-and-out racist, and its high time Americans started to notice it and complain about it.


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You are an idiot.