Saturday, November 05, 2005

Republican thievery and Democrat hypocrisy

Here is one of the very few smart things I've read on the current state of Republican politics, coming from the unlikely place of The Huffington Post (the only other recent non-crap from that source is this), Tom Gilroy's "'White House in Chaos' & Other Utter Horseshit". He is writing about the supposed demoralized state of the Republicans:

"Here's a little secret; they never reel because they are never demoralized. They don't measure success and failure they way you and I do, by analyzing public benefit or desire, or even legality, or ethics. They measure success by how much more money they feast on from the public trough. And by that measure, they hogs are literally drowning in shit.

So while you fold your arms in the triumphant reassurance that Scooter's indictment and the GOP's plummeting ratings reveal the world to be what you've always had faith it was, think again. The pendulum you always talk about is not swinging back. The Truth has not come out. What has happened is what you've known all along has merely been reiterated. There is no new information, and so there will be no new consequences. And while you smirk and feel validated they'll go right along gobbling up more and more, laughing at you between belches.

Because they don't care about your moral indignation, your ethical judgment, or what the public thinks. They don't care what's popular, legal, or good for the country. They want your money.

So while the Democrats brunch and strategize about who to run in 2008 (choosing from the 3 frontrunners, all of whom want to INCREASE troop numbers in Iraq), the dozens of Rove wannabees over at the The Federalist Society are planning their fifth, sixth, seventh move from now in their uninterrupted plunder."

My thesis is that Democrats never get anywhere because they secretly like the American Empire, but just want someone else to get covered in all the blood. Hence no real efforts to do anything about the crooked voting machines. Democrats can continue to vote with their consciences, secure in the knowledge that the Diebold machines will always reliably elect Republicans.

The proof? While the Democrats pretend to be outraged about the outing of Valerie Plame (something they would have cheered twenty years ago), and pretend to be outraged about all the lies that led to the war in Iraq, guess what's going on NOW? That's right: exactly the same plan leading to the attack on Syria. Seymour Hersh points out that they're even using exactly the same kind of lies that they used in the build-up to the attack on Iraq (although I disagree with Hersh's optimism about Fitzgerald, who has to play along to get along). Do I hear one Democrat complaining about this? Do I hear one Democrat trying to stop Bolton's plan to use UN sanctions and their supposed violations as the inevitable cause for the next war? No. More American soldiers are moving into Iraq NOW. The plan appears to be as stupid as the Iraq plan. They figure they can soften the place up with bombs, and then spare 40 thousand or so soldiers from Iraq for a few months to take care of Syria. They won't need to keep the place stable - in fact, Israel won't want a stable Syria - as they won't need to stay to protect American bases, so they can leave as soon as they've wrecked the joint. Two years from now, a bunch of Democrats will be outraged about the lies that led to the attack on Syria, but the neocons will have moved on to Saudi Arabia. In other words, all the folderol about Plame and Niger is just partisan political politics from a group which likes what the Republicans are doing, and is extra careful not to say anything until it is too late.

There's a certain refreshing honesty about just wanting to steal money.