Thursday, December 15, 2005

Aerial bombardment

Dahr Jamail writes about the increasing use of bombing attacks against civilians in Iraq (see also here; I'd cite some other sources but there aren't any, as the embedded American 'journalists', savoring their martinis in the 'Green Zone', are too busy to cover the issue). The failure by the American mainstream press to even mention this fact is reminiscent of their complete failure to report on the similar attacks on Iraq during the days of the 'no fly' zones (an undeclared war by Britain and the U. S. against Iraq, which was replaced by the 2003 attack when that undeclared war didn't achieve its desired purpose), when British and American planes went on innumerable bombing runs without the slightest mention in the press (the Iraqis noticed, which is one reason why they didn't throw flowers at the occupying troops). The only time the bombings were mentioned was just before the attack on Iraq, when the Anglo-American attack increased in order to soften up the country (while Tony Blair continued to insist that the attack was not inevitable!). Since the media (again) completely failed to do its job, Americans had no idea of the background to the shrill American demands against Iraq, and Saddam's response, in the months leading to the 2003 attack.

Leaving aside the utter immorality of bombing civilians in order to be able to steal their oil when 'empire fatigue' means you are unable to continue to bear the burden of dead American soldiers, the ridiculousness of replacing the soldiers by aerial bombardment is decisively proven by the fact that Americans are trying this strategy now, with increasing desperation. It doesn't work against insurgency, for the same reason it never works. The targets are the obvious places where civilians live. When the bombs hit, the insurgents, if there ever were any, are long gone, and the grief over the dead civilians just increases the power of the insurgency. Since some bright guy got the idea that the new technology of airplanes could be used to fight wars with bombs, we are left with millions of dead civilians, but never once has an insurgency been stopped or even slowed down by aerial bombardment (unless you are prepared to kill everybody, a tactic which starts to look like plain ordinary genocide). The complete moral and intellectual failure of the American left is demonstrated by the fact that its sole answer to the war in Iraq is to replace American soldiers with aerial bombardment.