Saturday, December 03, 2005

Best investment ever

From Wot Is It Good 4:

"the other amazing thing about corruption in america is that its so fucking cheap! when you read the indictments, its like $10,000 here and $5000 there. i used to deal in cash transactions that size. hour after hour. in some weird universe, thats kinda the saddest thing. its so fucking cheap! congresscritters have an average wealth of $20 million or more - yet they sell their souls for $10k - sometimes for $10k donated in their name to some other group! corrupt officials in places like india and africa must think this is hysterical!

abramoff, for all his largesse, spent 'nearly $3million' (although its not clear what that number ex/includes) - and he donated to 171 (or something) congresscritters! if abramoff can do so much damage with just a few sprinkles of cash, imagine what a murdoch (for example) can do with lots more than $3m in 'soft' money. or GE or any of the others.

in my ex-business, $10k was a quiet day, but this sort of money in america can buy you significant slices of 'democracy'. its quite remarkable. and really fucking cheap.

at least they love democracy"

So true. By far the single best investment you can make, the one with the largest rate of return, is to buy a politician. For literally a few thousand dollars, you can make hundreds of millions. At least when the devil buys your soul he has to give you something valuable. These guys can be bought for what amounts to the pocket change of the plutocrats. Israel has the best scam going of all. For a relatively small amount of the billions the United States sends to Israel each year, Israel can bribe the Congressmen to ensure that the money keeps on flowing. It's the perpetual motion machine of American political corruption.