Friday, December 16, 2005

Demolishing the demolitions

The best evidence that the collapse of the two towers was not a controlled demolition is actually at the WTC site itself and is called WTC 7. WTC 7 didn't collapse at all like the two towers, but seems to have collapsed exactly like a classic controlled demolition, with the entire building collapsing onto the bottom where the explosives are placed. The two towers obviously collapsed exactly as you would expect them to, from the point of the plane crashes. Any talk about explosions in the basement is irrelevant, as we can all see that the buildings actually collapsed from the point of impact (and anyone who heard an explosion which was part of a controlled demolition would be dead now!).

If the demolition occurred from a point at or just below where the planes hit, we are left with the logistical question of how it was done. Leaving aside the question of how tons of explosives were planted half-way up each of the two towers without anybody seeing anything, how do the conspirators know for certain that their nefarious plot is going to work perfectly in each of the two towers? It has to work perfectly, for otherwise the New York City Fire Marshall is going to be wandering around a partly burned building, stumbling upon tons of unexploded explosives, and that will be tough to explain. Actual controlled demolitions are tricky at the best of times, with elaborate care taken in setting up the placing and timing of the explosions. Do you think any demolition expert could guarantee, with the 100% certainty required, that both these explosions would work perfectly, given that he knows that huge planes will be crashing at or very near where all his complex equipment is located? How can he be certain - 100% certain - that the effect of one or both of the plane crashes won't screw something up, leaving an unexploded tower and a hell of a lot of extremely incriminating evidence? How does he know that the plane crashes themselves won't cause partial detonation of the explosives, leaving a big mess but standing towers and a lot more dead people (were the controlled detonations timed to allow most of the occupants of the towers to escape, and if so, why?). Wait, I can hear the explanation now! The fire inspectors were all replaced by Israeli agents and would have covered it up!