Saturday, December 10, 2005

An execution at Miami airport

The fellow who was executed at Miami airport, Rigoberto Alpizar, was described as a 'missionary' just returned from Ecuador. The term 'missionary' has traditionally covered a lot of sins. The Miami Herald, as part of its ongoing attacks on Venezuela, has been attempting to create a bogus story concerning supposed Venezuelan involvement in terrorism in Ecuador (see also here). Ecuador is in the middle of resisting American insistence that it enter into one of those awful 'free trade' agreements (negotiations have been extended, meaning they are not going so well), the instruments by which American plutocrats rape the wealth of other countries. Venezuela is assisting Ecuador and other South American countries in resisting such agreements, in part through sharing its considerable oil wealth. It is thought that the American story of Venezuelan sponsorship of terrorists in Ecuador is intended to sour relations between the two countries, perhaps preventing Venezuela from assisting Ecuador from falling into the hands of the Americans. As the Official Story of the execution of Rigoberto Alpizar makes no sense, and continues to fall apart, you have to wonder about the assassination of a 'missionary' to Ecuador in anti-Venezuelan Miami.