Monday, December 19, 2005

Holocaust II and the neocon conspiracy

One of the mysteries of the recent American history is how a small group of Jewish intellectuals took over the American government and forced it to enter into a trillion dollar war that has hurt the interests of the United States. Even better, after all the lies told for the first war were revealed in all their awful detail, the same group are well on their way to starting another trillion dollar war against Syria using almost the same methods (lies and piggybacking on the United Nations). This is so bizarre and incomprehensible that we are forced to look to conspiracy theories to try to explain it. Here is Rigorous Intuition:

"The neocons are the Lone Gunmen of Iraq. They're the patsies who'll eventually take the fall for its failure, which will actually mean success to the real players who've allowed them the liberty to play their hand. Like Oswald, these patsies aren't innocents, but neither should perfect blame be laid at their feet. And like Oswald, when their heads are offered to the public the public will be expected to sigh with relief that the beast has been slain and all is right again in the land."

In other words, the original Powers That Be, presumably the Eastern Establishment or some such plutocrat group, staffed the Bush White House with Jews so when the shit for the plutocrats' war hit the fan, the whole thing could be blamed on the Jews. But surely Paul and Scooter aren't Lee and James Earl? Patsies don't know what is going on, and are set up to take the blame for what the conspirators did. Paul and Scooter know exactly what is going on. Patsies get very little benefit out of their peripheral involvement in the conspiracy, but Paul and Scooter got exactly what they wanted. They wanted a trillion dollar war in a series of trillion dollar wars, all of which would only benefit Israel, but which Israel could never hope to pay for. The United States can't afford them either, but at least can (still) borrow the money. If the neocons are patsies, they are the first patsies who knew exactly what was going on and got exactly what they intended to get.

Hitler's Revenge is that a lot of Jewish people are completely obsessed by the Holocaust and the specter of the return of violent anti-Semitism. Scooter Libby and Judith Miller seem to have this joint fantasy that they were holed up in a barn in the equivalent of 1942 Nazi Germany, and that the fate of the Jewish people rested entirely on their ability to lie and trick their way to start a war to destroy the new Hitler known as Saddam Hussein (for Scooter's paranoia, see here and here). The fact that Saddam in fact posed absolutely no threat to either Israel or the Jewish people (or, for that matter, the United States) is irrelevant if you live in a world which is defined by your perception of ubiquitous anti-Semitism. Since every major political decision in the world is based on covert hatred of the Jews, the Jews have to fight back by defending Israel in every way possible. Since Israel is going to have to house all the world's Jews once the anti-Semitism becomes unbearable (e. g., France), and is not defensible in its current size and configuration, it is necessary to do everything possible to create Greater Israel. The alternative is Holocaust II, so there are no moral restrictions on what you can do. War on a non-threatening sovereign state? Kill 100,000 or so civilians? Do it over and over again across the Middle East (Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt)? No problemo. Once you accept the insane premise - the last gift of Hitler - that all the world turns on destruction of the Jews, all the consequences make perfect sense. As does the fact that Israel can be the only state allowed to discriminate against its own citizens, the only state allowed to have no defined borders, the only state allowed to fail to have a constitution, the only state - besides the United States! - allowed to torture, the only state allowed to consistently break international law, the only state allowed to occupy its neighbor's land and brutally oppress another people, the only state allowed to conspire to remove the government of another sovereign state (but even mentioning that there might be questions about the legitimacy of Israel is a mortal sin), the only state in the Middle East allowed to possess nuclear weapons, etc, etc. If you don't find a way to allow Israel to do all these things, the Holocaust will surely follow.

Of course, the other side of this is that everybody hates you anyway just because you are a Jew. Therefore, you lose nothing when people hate you for starting a war for Israel. It's just more anti-Semitism. The neocon deal is an excellent one: it's a trade of your reputation, which you don't really have as everybody hates you anyway, for a trillion dollar war Israel could never pay for. The worst that could happen is that a few covert agents for Israel might have to go to jail, a small price to pay to avoid the Holocaust (you also have to put up with American blowhards complaining that 'Happy Holidays' is a Jewish plot to destroy Christmas!). The Project of Greater Israel is greater than any one man or any one time, and it is the greatest honor one can have to fall on one's sword to prevent Holocaust II. Besides, we all know no one is going to jail and Scooter and Judith are going to end up very rich as a result of all this conspiring.

It's probably also time for conspiracy theorists to reconsider the idea that the American plutocracy always gets everything it wants, and is ultimately behind every conspiracy. Sometimes wealth leads to laziness and lack of attention to detail. The oil companies didn't want this war. The plutocrats are making out like bandits on it, but they always make out like bandits. Sometimes a concerted conspiracy by a small group of completely dedicated people can, at least for a time, control the agenda. I'm now thinking about the conspiracy to reposition the Republican Party over the last thirty years, a conspiracy that started in Israel.