Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mehlis explanation?

From MEMRI, the anti-Arab propaganda site (so take it for what it is worth), an article on Syrian reaction to the Mehlis report contains the following:

". . . Abd Al-Wahhab 'Adas, deputy editor of the Egyptian government daily Al-Gumhouriyya, published a similar article, stating that "Mehlis was carefully selected [as chairman of the commission], since he is German but his mother was a Jewess who lived in Germany, emigrated to Israel in 1948, and witnessed the birth of the Zionist state... It was her will and testament that Mehlis too would emigrate to Israel, the Promised Land." 'Adas added: "Mehlis's mother played a major role in bringing Jews from Germany to Palestine... Mehlis himself was a close friend of Israeli leaders... Mehlis's mother was killed on the Golan Heights by Syrian sniper fire, as she was serving as a medic on the Israeli-Syrian front.""

MEMRI of course wants us to laugh at those silly Arabs and their conspiracy theories, but the fact that Mehlis has continued to blame Syria for the death of Hariri in the face of the fact that all his witnesses have been utterly discredited, simply on the basis that he appears to have pulled some more witnesses out of his ass, means that these allegations should be seriously investigated (although I can't believe that John Bolton, when he hand-picked Mehlis, would have left such an obvious trail of bias).